Testimonial Cycle Right

Francis delivered a cycling programme in our school last September to the children in 5th & 6th class. It was a fantastic opportunity for our children and we can only say how delighted we were with the service provided.

From the beginning Francis had a very structured plan for the 6 week programme. Both theory and practical work was covered in a very child friendly and interesting way. Theory within the classroom was up to date and relevant, while activities were suited to the children’s level. Francis was fantastic with the children and they respected and listened to him from the beginning.

Francis is very passionate about outdoor activities, and regardless of the weather the children would always be active. Pupils were taught about the bicycle parts and were shown exactly which safety measures need to be taken before cycling. They had to manoeuvre through an obstacle course using all the appropriate hand signals and display their confidence in using the rules of the road. As a teacher I felt 100% confident that the children were safe and well looked after on the road as safety was Francis’ top priority. Children had to show their competency in cycling before they could progress to road activities.

Francis was always punctual, well prepared and enthusiastic about each lesson he delivered.  I would highly recommend Francis to anyone requiring cycling lessons. His patience dedication and hard work made his time in our school a really pleasant experience for pupils and teachers alike. We most definitely will be asking Francis to return to our school in the near future.

Sarah O’ Kane
5th & 6th Class Teacher
Tunny Duff NS, Co. Cavan


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