Inclusive Cycling

Bike Green provide an inclusive cycling programme for adults and children with special educational needs. We can offer this service on a one to one or group basis and are experienced working with a wide range of special educational needs. 


The benefits of cycling are the same for everyone: independence and mobility, overall fitness, a way to control weight, promotion of physical health, promotion of mental health, countering the onset of conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. For individuals with additional needs these benefits are often more focused because opportunities to take part in sport and activity can be limited. 


Particular benefits of inclusive cycling include empowerment and increased independence, wider empowerment of the family unit by offering an activity that all family member can potentially engage in together, regardless of age or needs, improvement in gross motor skills and an improvement in balance. 


Additional benefits include improvements in balance and co-ordination, access to exercise in a low impact manner, increased self confidence and self esteem, heightened sense of accomplishment, improvement in speech and language, development of social skills, opportunity for friendship and social interaction, a means of accessing leisure, educational and other opportunities. 

We regularly run group sessions for Inclusion Cycling. Contact us for details on our next course. 


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