"The programme encourages the pupils to be active, to enjoy cycling and to use their bicycles in a safe manner. It shows them good practice for when cycling and it also improved their confidence handling a bicycle."
Gaelscoil Eois, Co. Monaghan
"Pupils now have great cycling competency and awareness of the rules of the road. It was also a great way of getting additional exercise. It was well organised and the trainers were very accomodating."
Cavan No 1 NS, Co. Cavan
"Children have had the opportunity to learn theory of road safety, bike checks and correct signals for road use. The children are now aware of bike safety and dangers on the road. Children have been encouraged to cycle more and enjoy it. Great instructors who covered content with great clarity in a child friendly manner. A pleasure to work with."
Ballybay Central NS, Co. Monaghan
"Children thoroughly enjoyed the programme learning new skills and how to be safe on the road. A number of children who could not ride a bicycle also achieved this. A number of children with difficulties with balance etc made significant progress. The instructors were excellent, encouraging the children, making it fun and exciting."
Scoil Cholmcille, Blackstaff, Co. Monaghan
"Children learned correct positioning on bikes. They also learned the rules of the road and correct positions on the road in a very controlled environment, leading to participation in on road exercise which the children really enjoyed. Delivery of programme by both instructors was excellent. They had excellent class control and were very organised and prepared."
Latnamard NS, Co. Monaghan
"Francis is very passionate about outdoor activities, and regardless of the weather the children would always be active. As a teacher I felt 100% confident that the children were safe and well looked after on the road as safety was Francis’ top priority. Children had to show their competency in cycling before they could progress to road activities."
Tunny Duff NS, Co. Cavan
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