Balance Bikes for Preschools and Infants

This programme provides enthusiastic and motivating lessons inclusive of all children aged 3 – 7 years using balance bikes to develop fundamental cycling skills.  

Our programme combines balance bikes with a variety of fun activities that can build and develop confidence, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, bilateral co-ordination and enhance children’s physical literacy. Balance bikes are the fundamental starting point for a child learning to cycle and provide an excellent opportunity to promote active lifestyles from a young age.

A UK study (Mori 2011) found that 43% of children in the UK cannot ride a bike by the age of 6. Using balance bikes removes the safety hazards of pedals, crank sets, chains and unstable training wheels helping the child to develop agility, balance and coordination skills.  Typically children learn to cycle at a faster rate, from a younger age with balance bikes in comparison to bikes with stabilisers. Developing these fundamental skills through games ensures that the children have lots of fun whilst developing confidence, skills and a fantastic sense of achievement. 

Contact us to find out more about this course and how to book this programme for your preschool or primary school. 

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