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Mountain Bike Skills

Bike Green offer mountain bike skills as 1:1 instruction and to groups of up to 6 adults.  Visit the exciting forest trails in Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown and work on your skills or learn a new skill with our tuition. 


If you want to improve your off road mountain bike techniques you’ve come to the right place! To be a successful mountain biker its not enough to have just speed and fitness. You must also possess a certain degree of technical riding ability and bike handling skills. Carrying speed through technical sections, climbing steep switchbacks and navigating routes and rocks are part of most every off road ride. In the same way you train to be more aerobically fit, you can also work on refining your handling ability to become an all round more competent rider. The complete mountain bike skills we teach are: neutral position, gears, braking, cornering, track stand, attack position, all round awareness, controlling your speed, descending, power assisted front wheel lift, rear wheel lift, manual. 



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